Green Tea Ice Cream
... in 5 Seconds

Green Tea Ice Cream

At SnoSpice, we make blends of spices (not sugar!) that fold effortlessly into vanilla ice cream.

These completely change the taste of regular ice cream, turning it into something completely different - and completely delicious.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Perfect Green Tea Ice Cream

SnoSpice works with any store bought vanilla ice cream, gelato, or yogurt. Homemade ice cream works as well! Here we are turning basic boxed vanilla into green tea.

One of the most delicious ice cream flavors ever invented, Green Tea ice cream can be rather expensive and quite hard to find.

So we ground green tea powder very finely and ground it extremely finely and tried it out in vanilla ice cream. The result was remarkably tasty.

Matcha Green Tea

Green Tea Ice Cream in 3-4 Shakes

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