SnoSpice - Make Ice Cream Social!

What is SnoSpice?

Spices, for Ice Cream. 
snow spice ice cream
+ Ground to fold perfectly into your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream.
+ Pairs perfectly with the sweetness already present in Ice Cream. 
lemon basil sorbet
No Sugar. No Preservatives. Just Flavor.
curry ice cream

Three Steps to Amazing Ice Cream:

Step 1: Start with plain vanilla ice cream.

All brands. Any type. Gelato, coconut, almond, vegan smoothies - whatever fits your diet.

How to Use SnoSpice

Step 2: Shake a few shakes

SnoSpice Step 2

Step 3: Enjoy!

Step 3: Enjoy!

See the collection!

sno spice snow spice flavors

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