How to Ship Ice Cream as a Gift

Time: 10 Minutes + Purchase of Dry Ice, Packing Materials and Ice Cream 


Step 1
  • Get 6 packing materials (All of these other than dry ice are available at WalMart):
  • Dry Ice. 10lb per gallon of ice cream per day - e.g. 20lb for 1 gallon on a two day ship time. 
    (Find dry ice at grocery stores, typically near the front. Call ahead to make sure the specific store you are going to has it - not all of the same chain do.)
  • Foam Cooler or Rectangular Sheets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Corrugated Cardboard Box
  • Packing Tape
  • Paper and Printer for Shipping Documents 

Step 2

Form ice cream shipping box.

Step 3

Add bubble wrap and dry ice to storage cooler.

Step 4

Add ice cream to container and add more bubble wrap to ensure as little movement as possible.

Step 5

Close container, but do not attempt to seal completely. Dry ice should NEVER be sealed completely to allow vapor to escape over time.

Step 6

Continue to pack storage container to ensure minimal motion in transit.

Step 7

Tape the corrugated cardboard box in an H pattern leaving gaps for carbon dioxide gas to escape.

Step 8

Apply and label UN1845 Dry Ice Label (find here). This is necessary for the shipment to be accepted by any package carrier.

Apply shipping document and postage label.

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