How to Make Snow Cream

Snow Day Snow Cream

My Instagram is filled with beautiful snowy pictures and the flakes are just beginning to fall here. You may think that the cold weather would discourage me from eating ice cream, but then you would be wrong. Legend holds that ever since I was little, I would toddle back and forth between my mom and dad, terrorizing them for yet another bite of ice cream. I consider ice cream an all-weather staple. For those of you anticipating a blizzard to those of you hoping for a dusting, I present- Snow Day Snow Cream.

(From Paula Deen's Snow Ice Cream recipe)

Step 1

You only need 3 things

Snow (or if you are a sad Southerner like me, you can cheat and use shaved ice)

1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp vanilla extract (I used homemade vanilla extract. That's a post for another day.)

Step 2

Measure the ingredients out

First, collect 8 cups of snow (or fake it and use ice while crying over your bowl and singing "Winter Wonderland").

Step 3

Add the milk

Next, pour the condensed milk evenly over your snow.

Step 4

Vanilla time!

Now, add vanilla and stir. You're done!!

Step 5

Enjoy the snow

It's quick, easy, and a great way to keep cabin fever at bay. Enjoy the snow (and the sweets)!

Step 6

Add some spectrum

And that's where we bring in the SnoSpice. We recommend adding some spectrum.

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