How to Make No Churn Ice Cream: 10 Steps + 3 Ingredients


Step 1

Grab a standard loaf pan & the ingredients:

16oz Heavy Whipping Cream (Entire carton as pictured)

14oz Evaporated Milk (Entire can as pictured)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Step 2

Measure out as needed. Standard size Heavy Whipping Cream and Evaporated Milk are already the correct amount.

Step 3

Pour heavy cream & whip it until fluffy (whisk if doing by hand).

Step 4

Pour evaporated milk into larger bowl.

Step 5

Slowly stir the vanilla into the evaporated milk.

Step 6

Once the cream is whipped and the vanilla is stirred it's time to blend the bowls.

Step 7

Slowly pour the vanilla / evaporated milk into whipped cream and gently stir.

Step 8

Gently pour the blend into the loaf pan and freeze.

Step 9

Freeze for 4+ hours.

Step 10

Now you have simple no churn vanilla ice cream!

Step 11

And now that you have newly frozen no churn vanilla, you can turn it into six more flavors with SnoSpice. We turned ours into a snappy cinnamon with Cinnamon for Optimists.

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